London Mistresses – Mistress Moon

I am Miss Moon. Young, face look a good girl, but an experienced dominatrix, very bad and merciless.

I’ll take you wherever you want to be. Push your limits, but respect your boundaries.

I like Sessions where you completely submit to me and let me take control of your mind and body. I thrive on your despair. You should free yourself from your shame. I’ll make it easy for you, but once you’re in, you’ll find I crave more every time I want to push you to extremes. I don’t have a type of session, each session I like to do differently, you can be sure it will be unusual. This allows me to mold my submissive subjects over time, modify their behaviors to suit my needs and desires, and instill true devotion in them. This gives me more control and my toys a greater experience of your service, submission and adoration from your

I am a natural sadist and using you is my passion.

It’s important that you know that being a Dominatrix is not a role – play it for me. I am dominant and I love what I do..

The sessions are at my house, mini prepared and I love to use my imagination to make you scream from the mixture of pleasure and pain..

+44 7466 074 155